In underwater hockey, hitting bottom is the whole point

Chicago team makes the Redeye.

Atlantic Cost Championships were held in Cary, NC April 5 and 6. The UNC team hosted, and that’s great because they didn’t get the opportunity to host tournaments previously because of pool rules. The After tournament dinner was good too. They catered in fried chicken and Carolina-style BBQ that we all ate on the grass.  Great times.    

Beijing UWH weekend reports



After an exhausting, yet inspiring UWH weekend in Beijing, where everybody learned a lot, the dragons are back home in Shanghai. It’s been great fun and we’re very happy to have had the opportunity to play with the teams from Beijing and Chengdu. Now we’re more motivated than ever to keep…

Why does the Shanghai team end up on this blog so often? Because they post awesome stuff on tumblr. You could post awe underwater hockey stuff on tumblr, but you don’t.

At least tag it with #UWH

"China Nationals" - UWH weekend in Beijing



After a Beijing UWH team has successfully been founded by former team members from Shanghai and Chengdu, it’s time to meet for what could be called the “China National Underwater Hockey Championship”.

This weekend, March 22nd & 23rd, players from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu will meet to…


3 x 3 UWH International tournament/exhibition.  Medellin, Colombia.

-  Better visibility of the game

-  Fancier tricks

-  Faster games

-  More adrenaline

Thumbs up!

Cali recibirá el primer encuentro nacional hockey subacuático -

I can’t read Spanish. But there’s only good things to be said about the Columbian team, so maybe I don’t need to read it….