Rochdale Underwater Hockey Club in the BOA Junior National Championships 2014


Did you know that underwater hockey has been played since 1954? Invented in England to keep athletic swimmers occupied during colder months, the game is now played in countries around the world.

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Here is a video of our Under Water Hockey group in Northern California. 

USA National Championship finished over the weekend and here is the outcome. Full list of games and progress through the tournament can be found on the scoring web page.


Full Placings

Place Team


A2 N.B.S.

A3 Colorado A

A4 Cincinnati GC

A5 Swordfish

A6 San Diego

B1 GMUNCSF Rosebuddies

B2 Oregon

B3 Chicago

B4 Minnesota 1

B5 U of Florida

B6 Pittsburgh Stingrays

B7 Killer Bees

B8 Beast Mode

C1 Door County Sturgeons

C2 South Lake UT Swimmers

C3 Bay Area

C4 Illinois Pegasi

C5 MSU Spartans

C6 Frisky Sea Cucumbers

C7 RB Varsity Team

C8 Old School Chicago

D1 SF Sea Lions

D2 Full Loons

D3 Rocky Mountain Oyster

D4 RB JV Team

Three playing surfaces and the most teams ever at USA nationals.

Three playing surfaces and the most teams ever at USA nationals.

USA Nationals

I’ll be going to the USA National championship in Minneapolis, Minn this weekend, and hopefully getting a few pics to post here. 

Info about this year’s nationals can be found here.

Also, Thanks to Jim Lester, we should have live updating scores and standings found here. It’s experimental right now, so it may not work quite as planed….

UWH Coach - Android Apps on Google Play

A free Underwater Hockey app developed by Olivier Denier of Ermont is available for Android!

This application displays an underwater hockey ground with lines and also six white players, six black players and a puck. 

Players and puck can be moved in ground to visually explain the tactics of underwater hockey.